TABLEWARE   (2017)

Touch is a rich medium of social exchange and through it, people form strong attachments and connections, 
they show status differences, they soothe and calm, and they express sexual and romantic interest. Because of this, it is likely to be a highly gendered form of human communication.
        Deliberate touching is something that mostly takes place in private. Touch while being in public often goes paired with apologies unless tied to some instrumental act or prescribed ritual.
        These table pieces - made for salt, pepper, oil and vinigar - use the table setting as a stage, creating a vulnerable occasion to display touch outside of the private domain. You are both performer and audience. You are being watched touching but you can also watch the other person touch.

Photography: Hanna Burgers
Art Direction: Pien Post & Lisanne de Looper︎

© 2020 ︎ Studio Pien Post

Represented by Rademakers Gallery︎